Saturday, May 9, 2009

Getting it done

So the last few weeks have been hectic, including a trip to Tokyo for work. Luckily, like my last trip it did line up with a recovery week - so a long ride squeezed in on a Friday night, plus few chunks on a stationary trainer did the job. I learned the lesson from my trip to London in february, if I felt too tired I did not force it - seems to have worked and I am swine flu free. Tokyo is the land of the bike. People ride them everywhere, and you can easily hire them.
Home on Friday, and the packed up to head for OHV for a weekend in the remote cabins with family. A great set up, but a 4wd is a must to get out to them.
Already plans are in the mix to return, for more than one night. We got a short ride in that featured many, many accompanying cows who ran ahead of us on the track - producing a dust cloud that was a great substitute for the first lap of most OHV races.

In other news, things are starting to come together for Canada which is just as well since it is ONLY 8 weeks away!!!! Bike bag tested. eLoad sourced. Flights and accomodation booked. Car hire booked. Most exicting of all, kit is here and it is looking sweet in black and pink... definitely looking the part which is 98% of being the part!
Canmore Race Kit modelled by TR Frank.


TR said...

You only bring me along because I am pretty. :-P>

jaman said...

Frank is HOT!
Love the Bruce Willis Hairdo he displays!