Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok, so I am over the cold and getting with the program. Base is finished. Now it is all about intensity, hills and hard riding. Man - it has been a while and I think I forgot how it can hurt. On the first climb of south boundary road in the rain last week I found myself wondering how I was ever going to complete that session. Immediately in lung busting, leg burning pain. Followed by more climbing the next day at Gap Creek on our plain loop, and then finished off with Coot-tha repeats.

It is for a good reason. 2100 ' of climbing per lap is the reason. And if that don't get me out of bed, and off riding up every hill I can find I don't know what will. So new rules. If it hasn't got a view, it doesn't count.

Sunday's view.

Company helps.
Especially if it suffers worse than you!..... Well done to Adam for his first 100km+ since 8kgs ago, and his first mt mee ascent.

And to TR-Frank for beating me up a climb. His legs were so good on Sunday that he clearly didn't work hard enough during the week and should be disappointed in himself for his lack of application. Don't let it happen again.


Sean Bekkers said...

Good to see. I am out of bed for the same reason every morning also. [21oo] Keep the legs burning before July.


TR said...

I am sure I was more busted than that pic makes out.

Sean Bekkers said...

well done. if it makes you feel better i get out of bed for the same reason. 2100 keep the legs burning until July


Rach said...

Thanks Bozza. It is fair to say the 2100 has me a little apprehensive, but I'll use it to keep me honest between now and July. Nice ride at the D2D...

Sean Bekkers said...

I think we should look at it in meters [700m] it looks better LOL.

Cheers for the D2D as well, you went really well also.