Tuesday, November 4, 2008

long time no blog

Sorry guys, been having one of those busy periods where the demands of life prevent any meaningful time to blog. So what's been doing?

Well - firstly there was the lake manchester epic ride. A bunch of us thought it would be a good ride, but come ride day there was only two of us.... huh? Where'd everybody go? It was nearly only one, as I suffered a nasty bout of gastro and spend the Friday puking! Saturday was a recovery, and come Sunday morning the scales told me I was rehydrated so I made the call to go and at least try.... we were off.

I quickly discovered that although I managed to replace the lost fluid, I certainly hadn't replaced the lost glycogen. Despite many feed stops I hit the wall early and stayed hanging on by finger nails for the majority of this ride.

What I can say is that the track at the bottom of Creek Road and in and around Lake Manchester is beautiful, and under water!!! Here's a shot of TR contemplating riding it.

We opted for the side track.....
At the bottom we found a likely looking sign (light line link break) and headed off that way. Also known as the WRONG WAY. I have since learned that this track is also known as cricket balls. It is a very, very steep track littered with baby head rocks and for me was utterly unrideable. Nothing a couple of kms of hike-a-bike wouldn't fix. Ugh! DON'T DO IT!

Reaching the top of light line link break the view looked like this... brooooooken!

Hardened up enough to ride lightline pretty much uninterrupted, and was glad to see the cafe. Mentioned maybe calling my husband to come get me, before a hard look for my riding buddy convinced me to ride home. Heading out for this ride again this weekend -and hoping I feel not so empty!!!!

Can't wait.


MattDogTraining said...

Welcome back! What race is next? Any road racing plans?

Rach said...

matt you are evil. I am trying to keep the road racing temptation under control.... and here you are encouraging it.
Kona 24 down in melbourne is next - end of the month.