Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Most punters will tell you of feeling lost, having no direction and generally wondering 'now what' after a big A race.

You might notice something in the macro programming cycle of most programs called 'post competition' or sometimes 'offseason' block. The intent of this area of the program is maintenance. And here is the thing. I suck at this bit. I have a history of taking 2 or 3 months off. Completely. As in, no riding or any other type of exercise at all.

This time around, while I have still experienced the feeling lost thing, I have consciously tried to keep up a few sessions a week. That and I also employed the age-old technique of bike addicts - I have combatted the post big race funk with the big guns - buy a new bike !!!

It has been getting a smashing, including random attacks on ActivCycle Coaching strangers. Best cat and mouse I have had in a while Seriously fun - thanks whoever you are! p.s. you are fast.

So the maintenance weapon of choice is a new custom Ti Road bike from Koiled.
It is based around the geometry of my last bike, tweaked with a bit trademark Shannon curves on the seat stays and the result.... well see below.

The frame itself feels different to my last carbon bike. It is so stable on descents, while being wickedly fast - hit 85km/hr coming down nebo which I a record for me.... and the climbing is just awesome. It is an interesting comparison of frame materials built up to the same geo.... I know everyone has their own point of view, but I am starting to think my vote would now be Ti over carbon. I am hoping this one is at least harder to crack!!!

The other, perhaps more practical, thing I did to avoid the post race funk was to get out and do something new, just for fun. I jumped into rigid Single Speeding and while I am not exactly slick, I still have all my own teeth. I also joined Uni Cycling club and tried my first crit. I liked it. I've also rediscovered a bit of AR drive and coot-tha is getting a work out on foot with good friends kylie and nick, and occassional moonlighting by Prof.

I think this time I can say the post competition aim of 'maintenance' has been achieved.
These will be my guidelines for post comp next year.

- have a plan for that period.
For me I planned ahead for the hook of switching the SS, doing some fun road, and getting out in the bush on foot once a week. In future I should probably add some weights/gym time as for now I do none and this is the time to do it.

- ride to maintain your fitness, but also allow your body, social life and family to recover.
this generally means less sessions, and just doing what you feel like on the day there is no need to load for adaptation. Have FUN!!!!

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