Monday, January 31, 2011

Australia Day Ride

This year I joined the (unofficial) Australia Day Ride up Mt Nebo and then on to Mt Glorious.
Great day out and so many cyclists giving the mountain a go. I was impressed with the general courtesy and skill shown by riders and drivers out on the mountain. I guess there were no commuter wars to contend with, and perhaps there is something about the honest work of climbing that takes the attackfest out of people.... well, most people :)

The koiled kit is doing it's job, with one 24HOA bloke recognising me and having a chat (you went alright for claiming to be a 'fat old guy'...!!). Met some cool new people as part of joining up with UQ cycling club. Nicole here provided an extra level of girl power. Nice one!

I was settled on the way up, but had some fun on the way down trying my best to stay away with Truck and Chris. We had some awesome cat and mouse with a couple of QIC riders. I was introduced to the concept of sprint points on each 60km sign. I swear Truck has them marked into his Garmin. Still scored one (largely by distraction and deception) so I will take that.

I remembered to sit up and take it easy on the split corners - and in case I needed a reminder there was a rider who over cooked it and ended up over the guard rail with a free trip in the ambulance. Shan and Omo offered first aid and assistance - top work guys.

Living at the base of this climb I've really got to make more use of it, it really is a great ride.
Next mission, get Prof out and up to Nebo via the road.


Anonymous said...

I say that Koiled Kit is 'doing' it's job alright.... looking good Rach...but you know there IS only one other kit that could look as good on you, or even be worthy enough for you to wear..... WELCOME U to UNI! Can't wait to join you for some kick a-s-s skinny tyre action this year! Miff

Rach said...

yes, it is on my must have list. couldn't work out on the UQ forum whether there is actually any to buy at the moment or if they are holding off.... if the opportunity presents itself I will jump in :)

I got smashed this week at the crit after getting hung out the front for way too long. I have a lot to learn, and I am going to love every minute of it!