Saturday, September 26, 2009

Starting Over

I decided it is time to get back into things, and instead of saying 'no' to rides because I am unfit I decided to experiment with saying yes.

I thought I would ease into it with a ride with Matt.
On his SS.
To Lake Manchester.
In the Dark.
With another AYUP dude I had never met.

One of many creek crossings approaching the lake.

I think that qualifies as the DEEP end. I'd estimate it was close to 2000mtrs of climbing.
It hurt. I was slow. I was unable to push the gearing I normally would.
But it was also magic!

Check the white dots in this shot - we are being watched by the locals!

I love how trails are so different at night. I also love meeting new people when you are out for an adventure. Mark from AYUP came with Matt - and there is nothing like a hardcore ride to make yourself a new mate. He had a quality stack, similar to my wheel wash out on Laidleys. Hard man riding - dusted himself off (which took some doing), checked he remembered his name and then rode on. Respect.

I discovered that although I may not have the speed or fitness I had, I do still have the desire.
I even pulled an attack coming out of nebo on the Dog. It immediately put me deep in the locker without a key, but Jaman would have been proud!

I wonder what I will do for late night shopping next week ?


jaman said...

Attacking on Nebo makes you awesome!

did you shatter the group?

Keep it up!

MattDogTraining said...

There was some shattering :-)

Sponky said...

I need to get up with the lingo - I have NO idea what this means:

I even pulled an attack coming out of nebo on the Dog. It immediately put me deep in the locker without a key, but Jaman would have been proud!

MattDogTraining said...

Here's what she was saying.

Matt was on a single speed & had been smashing us up the hills all night. Once we hit the sealed road (Mount Nebo) I (Rach) had gears & thought that Matt_dog wouldn't be able to keep up with me so I pushed on my pedals harder in an attempt to leave him behind! (ATTACK! The dog has much respect for attacking in the hills.) I (Rach) very quickly tired in the legs after riding up over 2000 vertical metres & was in so much pain I was unable to do anything about the dog (Matt) when he responded to that attack. (in the hurt locker with no key to get) Now Jaman is the king of attacking in the hills, on the flats, downhill...well let's just say that Jens Voight wants to be jaman! So you give praise to jaman the god of attacking by smashing yourself into millions of pieces in the mountains to make him proud. Much respect!

Now sponky, are you in Brissie? up for a ride? If not, doesn't matter just get out there & attack in the hills!!!


TR said...

Dog, I am in Brisbane and keen for some riding.
Not sure I will be attacking on hills but need to hurt myself after allowing myself to become a human blancmange.

Rach said...

haha! I call BS on TR!!!!
You were told about this ride, and invited fraaaank. You declined.

TR said...

Listen herer you evil chopping leprechaun!!!
I cannot remember what my reason was but I had one.
I think.