Monday, June 22, 2009


The long ride this weekend called for something at race pace. A tough ask on top of all the intervals. I knew it was going to hurt because:
  1. walking up the stairs was enough to feeeeeeeeeel the burn
  2. I was on a 26' dually and my fellow racers were on 29er SS
  3. our chosen course was Mt Nebo and
  4. my fellow racers were MattDog and TR.

The day dawned beautifully. Or atleast I assume it did, you couldn't actually see it because of the rain PELTING down. Still, it was a dirt ride on fire road... no excuses. The plan was for a hard up and back. With the cafe closed it was pretty easy to check the gap between each of us, happy snap and then turn around and head for home, especially given the weather.

Strange thing is I didn't hurt as badly as I expected. At first I felt like death and my legs did hurt. But a few stupid bunny hops and few poorly timed and illogical attacks, plus a concerted attempt to find my groove had me cruising. Particularly enjoyed laying the hurt down on the way home, mostly on myself. :)

Can't wait for insomnia this weekend, smashed legs or not. Will be AWESOME.

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TR said...

Were you running away from home in that pic???