Monday, June 15, 2009

2.5 weeks of hurt

That is how my coach Steve has described my next 2.5 weeks.

Can someone tell me why is it whenever training gets hard, work also decides to get busy, school has things to attend and everything becomes chaotic? On the plus side I know this at time I am so very nearly there and it would seem the training really is working. I think I am fitter than I have ever been. I rode a nebo on the weekend, and didn't even notice the first of the two major climbs.... spent the last 3rd of the ride wondering where the other climb was - when I had already done it!!!! Encouraging. I remember only a couple of years ago when I had my first ride up south boundary.... I am sure there was walking involved.

Brekkie at Nebo - a great weekend event
I can see the otherside - once I get through these next few hurt weeks I will be almost into taper time for Canada. I cannot wait, it has been a hard slog. Taper will be when I will find the time to arrange, pick up and pack gear. Having travelled twice on planes to races this year means I know the drill and I feel confident.

In other news, friends are great!
One is rebuilding my bike - thanks Shannon.
One is loaning me something to ride in the meantime - thanks MattDog.
One is getting up to ride with me morning after morning after morning - thanks TR.
One is loaning me some spare wheels - thanks Winner.
EDIT: and ONE of them (the small one) designed my race jersey - thanks FLYguy.

A few are racing Insomnia with me for some 4-person fun (Mick, TR, and Shan!). Bring it.


Fly said...

One of them designed my race jersey.... :-)

Rach said...

oops. I thought you died of the poX!!!

TR said...

2.5 weeks of hurt sounds awesome.


Rach said...

only because you are skipping bits!!! you only get to have 2.5 weeks of mild discomfort.


TR said...

Stop it.
You will hurt my feelings.