Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 - Year of the Road Hog

This year sees a change for me away from dirt to road.  A combination of opportunities and long overdue personal travel plans have meant Scotland for WEMBO 2014 was not likely so I needed a goal.  Something hard.  Something new.

So I went out.  I got some sponsorship and created KoiledTineli.    Tineli joined forces with us and we have a bunch of awesome people pulled together.  A QRTS team and some A grade boys.  An Elite Womens team and a dev squad.  Hoping to do a couple of NRS rounds.  We've also kept a continuation of our Masters B mens squad.  A recent ride day below shows our guys hanging at crankhouse. 

Crankhouse Cyclery in Bardon looks after us, and makes great coffee - which we all know is the most important thing.  We take ourselves very seriously.

It also gave me the chance to design a new koiled kit, with a dragon.  Something I had been wanting to do, but never quite got it square. It's hard to follow our first kit - but I think we have done well.  Tinelis fabric and print quality was superb so our result is bling. 

As for now, I am getting back to what I am good at.  Training with a coach. Figuring out how to love the ergo on the weeks that it's all I have.  Leaving behind a year of racing on nothing but pain and gritted teeth, no training earned form but the same high expectations sending me towards disappointment every time.  People tell me 'you still had some awesome results' but it doesn't register.  You see winning is great, but for satisfaction I need to know I've done the best I am capable of.  And nothing in 2013 felt like it was my best.

So no more missing the fun social sessions I used to be able to do - bitch they be gonnnne!  Time to deal.  Make my own! No more complaining.  No more wishing.  No more excuses.  Just pedals.
Already got a weekly pain cave booked in with the girls.  Ohhhh yeah.

That's my 2014.


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