Tuesday, May 7, 2013

24 Hour racing returns to SE QLD!

Blog has been quiet of late as I work my way back to health and slog my way through base.  Not much racing to speak of....  but here is one I would not have missed for anything! Doubly so as they had used me as a poster girl, and not turning up would have been, well, embarrassing.
Finally, a 24hr race of our own again in South East Queensland.

What a great race and a corker of a course at Hidden Vale.  I still think it is one of the toughest 24hr courses I have ever ridden.  Period.  I got to ride with a great team of Koiled mates - Shannon Duggan, Andrew Kelk (on loan from Rapida Vecchi!) and the great Matt Dog.  We all talked about being out of form, slow, there for fun but 30mins from the start the unmistakable silence dropped and race mode was engaged.  Once a racer, always a racer huh?

It felt strange not to be soloing but I have work to do before I can be back there.  And I know I will, but it must be done in a controlled way - the right way or I will be waiting a whole lot longer!

At the end of the day we took out the 4's overall, a lap clear of the opposition.  Thanks boys, that was uber fun. 

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