Thursday, July 26, 2012

training train

I am on it.  Not sure where it is going yet, but I am going somewhere.

The train always runs.  When it is dark.  When it is wet.  I am on the train.

Most times the train has passengers.  Passengers help the trains by providing a reason to run, when the timetable is not enough ya' know!

I like this train because it almost always stops at a cafe to refuel.
Dark, wet, cold, hard sessions with coffee, breakfast and good company.
What's not to love!!! ALL ABOARD!!!!!

*pic shamelessly stolen from Mifflin.


Buzz said...

Hahahhaa! Good one Rach!

I think *some* of us need something to SHOOT for...maybe it's a genetic thing?..there are some theories on that for sure...maybe one of your great great ancestors was a Samurai warrior??


Train train train... 'cuz you know the pain train is gonna make a stop at your station sooner or later.

You best be ready for battle... Oh F'in yeah!



Rach said...

Bushido spirit HELL YES!

I have shifted gears somehow. Once I needed a looming race and impending sense of doom.

Now it's just possibilities. The promise of some very large targets on the horizon, still in their infancy, and formatively blurry - it is enough to ROLL IT LIKE I STOLE IT.... ;)

It's gonna be a wild ride :D

Anonymous said...

Rach: I'm coming to get ya, shamelessy stealin, ROLL it! Love the art work on the post.....where is that? Oh, your selfies get merit for effort ;-) and going somewhere? IF ever there was someone going somewhere it's your kicking legz ;-)X Miff