Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tailwind SuperSeries Race Four

I headed out to Murrenbong with an on-the-day, last minute entry to Tailwind's last race of the Super Series.  Having just come back from 24 solo worlds, I am still a little rough around the edges so I opted for a Pairs race with Shannon rather than a 6 hour solo on that pinchy little course!  It has been a while (read: years) since I have ridden a pair - and I had forgotten just how much of an interval hurt session it really is.  25 minutes smashing in the red zone, 25 minutes off. Repeat.  A lot of times.

Shan rode an awesome Lap 1 setting us up with the top handful of riders and in the lead of our category.  From there it became an exercise of seeing how high we could climb on the overall - and for me seeing who could snatch the fastest lap for women.  Erin from NRG is always good competition and she made me work for it, though I owned it in the end!

It may not look it, but I was hurting!
In an effort to continue skills building, I left the Santa Cruz tallboy on the rack - and took my 'hell bitch' (koiled carbon hardtail) out.  She rode so well.  After toughing it out in Italy over those rocks on it - I have obviously reset my rough-o-meter... and Sunday was smooooth as and DRY!!!!  I am sure the pink makes me faster.  Seemed to work on Duggan too....

Getting sideways through the switchbacks....
The atmosphere was great and the Koiled posse was excellent company, Kirstie, Nick, TR, Dog, and Ty were all smashing it out.  Kirstie made sure there was a Koiled jersey on the Women's solo podium and Nick grabbed the third step for SS. 

Emma, Seb and Kirstie on the Solo Podium - well done ladies!

Team Awesome - didn't crash on our faces, and finished a lap up!
Ty had the ride of the day - almost lap for lap with his Dad, attacking Kirstie (cheeky!) and snaking the last lap from Matt Dog as his own to ride.... wooooah, I will be looking over my shoulder very soon!

I loved being able to cheer on other riders and witness a bit more of the race without spending the entire time in my solo box.  What a hoot! 

See you at Logan's Run!
* thanks to tailwind and imagewerks for the blog pics!

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Michelle Mifflin said...

Rach: Ya think I didn't pick that up; crash on our faces ;-).....Hella Biatcha Koiled - closed ET in! Nice work, hawt one.

*Repeat. A lot of times*. My kinda talk..... ;-X