Monday, March 12, 2012

Tailwind SuperSeries Race One - 4 hour

Tailwind opened their enduro SuperSeries for the year with a 4 hour at Murrenbong Scott Camp.  With TR busted and in plaster, and Shan and the Dog opting not to take part in the mudfest it was a slim Koiled team!
It is nice to have racing so close to home, and I figure between In2Adventure and Tailwind I have to learn to love the track - there is not a lot of variation on the enduro scene for racing this year.

I trained hard all week, and was looking to this race as a measuring stick of where I am at for May.
I lined up for the HRPW B Grade crit race the day before and despite planning to roll around, found myself in the position to take out first lady, so I did with the unbeatable lead out train of Shannon Duggan.  Nice 52.6 km/hr av on the last lap definitely turned the engine over.  Finally, after really loading myself up and experiencing the necessary fatigue, I felt like I was slowly making the ascent back to performing - my legs are coming back.

And just in time.  With a bucket of rain the evening before the race everyone knew Murrenbong was going to be wet.  And wet means hell mud at Murrenbong.  This upped the difficulty rating, and a few gave race day a miss. I still insisted on taking my hardcore carbon dually Tallboy.  Some people think I am nuts, but the reality is I need to be pushing the wheels that will take me to Italy.  A look at the start list showed me some quality ladies, on and off road, were racing and I would need to push myself and ride well if I wanted to win.

There was time to catch up with a few mates before the start - including the lovely Seb, sporting her new Koiled kit.  Seb is a regular at the enduros and always has great groups of girls riding ... so when she asked if she could get her hands on the hottest kit around who would say no!

I managed to grab a quick snap of her with Nick and I before racing got underway and kits became unrecognisable!

On the start line I was feeling pretty calm as I jumped in directly behind the first couple of boys with my trusty teamie side-kick - Nick!  He'd opted for SS, smart move given the conditions.

The big 2.2 Ralphs on my Tallboy were definitely not the tyre of choice, and I had an almost instant reminder as they spat me into the ground within the first 2 mins..... okay - calibration done, line found - upright riding was experienced for the rest of the race!!  It did panic me knowing I would be catching loads of congestion lap one.  I wondered if this was where I pull out and experience the shortest race in history, but I kicked that idea to the kerb and used it as an opportunity to exercise the patience needed for 24 hour riders. I had 4 hours to drag it back.

At the end of the day I took out the Solo Females with a lap up.  Went close to fastest female too; always a challenge for a solo rider against the team girls but doesnt stop me trying!  My consistency is there, with nearly half the fastest top 20 laps being my laps for the day.  A highlight for me was watching Leslie ride the infamous greasy pinch climb out of the first mud bath.  I got up it a couple of times before the corner at the bottom got really ugly. I tried a RHS line and stalled and thought ok - this is now a walker.  Then up comes Leslie, LHS line and all the way up the climb if you dont MIND!!! GET IN !!! How awesome is that. Reminder that until you have tried all the lines, it aint impossible - and as a solo you get heaps of chances to try something different.  Rode it every lap after that!  I will refer to this as 'doing a leslie' from now on.

Doing a Leslie.... too good!
Despite having no organised support, a group of loyal buddies turned up sometime during the race and it seemed there was always someone to tell me a time or pass a bottle.  Thanks Pommy, Dog and K - you are excellent and part of our success!

In then end 8 laps (64kms) in 4.05... given the conditions (some sections unrideable at the start) I am very happy with that!  Nick smashed out 8 laps in 4.22. Enough to get his first win in the SS category!! 

Up next LunarC Midnight 8hr..... at Murrenbong!


Buzz said...

Rach! Awesome race!Perhaps the Miff muffin could use a dose of your magic mojo? I think she is gonna need it around the middle of May??

Keep on girl you are an inspiration!



Anonymous said...

Rach: Disappointed you didn't do 64.05kms....sigh....but you are lookin smokin HAWT for Italia!!!!
Rock on. Crete smasher. Miff ;-x

Rach said...

Yo Buzz - the mifflin is on a forcefed diet of shebeast mojo, even when she is not chewing I hold her nose and make her swallow it - tough love! ... I have my eye on her always ;)

Thanks for dropping by!

Rach said...

And as for you ms. Miff.... I prerode the whole lap just before the start... so I suppose that means I did 72km - you can rest easy :D

But in true OCD style - I am pissed I didnt find that measley 5 mins to allow me to head out on another lap. Probably where a support crew would be a good idea. Still - locked and loaded. 'Crete was punched.