Thursday, February 9, 2012

working working working.

At the moment not too much to report on.... not a lot of racing happening - and I am most in Ride, Hurt, Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat mode.  Coming out of the christmas period most people are either sorting our goals for the year or having some time out.  A bunch of rides have been solo and surprisingly that is something I have learned to enjoy in the last 12 months.  I can get out the door solo!

ride and hurt today, so I can race and hurt less (or is that more) tomorrow....

As the training load catches up sessions become tough, not just physically and mentally.  Some days I definitely know why they call the dip in the Law of Overload the 'valley of despair'!  Luckily I have good friends around me who can remind me a bad day, is just that.

I am sure all weekend warrior types know that everything is balance.  Balance between work, family and bike. And if you are training hard then balance between what is enough, not enough and too much.  Some days it is hard to tell and at the end of it all I just have faith in my ability to make good decisions at the time.

I've been getting my ass back to the dirt, and it has been refereshing.
It must be said though to whoever the well meaning person was that is shoving the sticks in the holes in the drainage pipes on Sth Boundary - please STOP.  The reality is going up, you see the holes a mile away.  Going down you will be travelling at such a speed there is almost zero percent chance of it catching your wheel (given the speed you would be travelling at, the dip through gravity would be tiny over that distance...).....
The Rambo style - camo'd sharpened stick - man trap is going to kill someone who doesn't see it descending - and really it is nearly impossible to see!!!  We ripped them out on the way up, and someone had REBUILT on the way down!!! WTF....

perfectly camouflaged if you are travelling down Sth Boundary at high speed!

It is increasingly a challenge to keep focus with the ability to race lots of interesting and fun road stuff, whilst trying to train for uberlong 24 hr MTB fitness.  As long as I ask 'is this helping Italy' I assume I will be on the right track.  Single track that is...

My new Tallboy is built - just have to relearn this roadie legs how to push it!

And for those tough days..... a little bit of Koiled philosophy comes in handy...Endure Withstand.

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