Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'll try anything once!

I've been up to a fair bit of random lately!

Firstly, I have been convinced by the evil track star (Stef) I keep road company with to do some track so she can make up some team thing for some team race at some point.  I went out to see a velodrome for the first time, and had my first attempt at riding completely fixed.  Somewhat daunting, but it didn't take too many laps with Miff before I sorted myself out.

"hey Miff, two mountain bikers walk into a velodrome......"

Starts weren't hard from a balance, falling over point of view - which is what I had been concerned about. However they were hard from a STRENGTH point of view (and I am not telling what wussy ratio I was riding either!).  I now understand trackies love affair with all things weight lifting. 

Trying a start - 10 seconds after they said 'GO' I was still there trying to turn over the first rev.
Seeing as though I could start and stop (ish) it was time to step it up and get on the motorpacing.  Several hours and an individual pursuit later I was smashed to pieces and ready for a good lie down.  Track is hard.

The Scott24 Hour was held, and I swapped up the usual sufferfest solo for a fun team.  The Nightlightning crew were headed down, and had a slot for Shannon and myself.  Although numbers were down, and the weather somewhat off CORC turned on the usual great event.  Showers, good food, great photographers and the track that is unbeatable.

Perhaps predictably the gods of mountain biking took their road riding payment in the only currency they trade - blood.  A crash on my first lap reminded me to settle down and remember how to ride my mountain bike before suffering a serious penalty for failure.

payment to the gods of mountain biking made!
It was a very weird experience spending that much of a 24hour race in a sleeping bag!  When the dawn came we had ridden ourselves up onto the podium and were getting in our best laps to finish it off.  I got in my fastest of the race, breaking 40 minutes - which is a big deal for a skill-less wonder like me.  Maybe I haven't dropped as much endurance as I thought?

Happy Nightlightnings on the Podium.
Up next.... no idea.... ?  Suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Track, who would have thought two MTBers could off-track OK. Woot. Suggestions.....hmmm, well faster and faster off-track on Velodrome-Track could amuse.....:-)