Friday, July 1, 2011

the night rides

I never night ride, despite it making up roughly 50% of my usual 24 hour races.  I am not sure why, I think it is mainly a scheduling thing with most of my training happening at dawn.  Last night Koiled and friends rolled at Gap Creek.
Prof receiving the news that Truck was coming to lead us out.  Lucky he was wearing the Day of Dead kit!
Cold, dark and not another rider seen (though I know some of you were out there!!) it felt like our own personal trail.  Love that feeling.  I was sketchy as hell when I started, but found my groove about half way through.  Must be something to this practicing thing!  Self portait while riding in the dark skills need work, but I think you get the idea. 

Impossible not too grin while narrowing avoiding injury many, many times.
I have upgraded to the latest and greatest AYUPS and they were truly awesome.  I still believe for price, burn time and power these are the best buy out there.  All in all the ride had just enough leeches, crap talking and crashes to keep everyone entertained.  Catch you on the trails, maybe in the dark!


Anonymous said...

Nice work night rider! Why is this?....I am the same, re no regular night lights got wheels, ummm, no night riding. It takes major enticement to haul a-s-s outta house to go, but then, when on ST in dark.....I lurve it.

Rach said...

we should plan some secret night time ST type meet. it is very fun. singing optional, though I had a very bad case of the trololololololo's .... Nick claimed it made him crash, but I think he did that on his own! :D

Anonymous said...

Gee Edwards....makin people crash and *run-off* reserved for others right?

Rach said...

that's why it is optional trolololololololos!


Sean Bekkers said...

I was around the tracks but never saw any other lights

Anonymous said...

Trolololololo's make you *run-off* track don't I hear...;-)