Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inroads on road

I am enjoying my time riding with the UQ cycle club. They are so welcoming and I have to say that the environment for learning the ropes at their training crits is tops. And if I play my cards right I might even get an invite from the uni she-beasts to race a team event or two.....

I am quickly learning it is not just about having the legs. So much of it is right place, right time and understanding where you need to be AND actually being able to get yourself there. Catch the break, don't get boxed in, let those guys go, don't let those others go, keep tabs on where rider X is, is that a B grade break or is that A grade - all the while rolling at 40+km an hour only 30cm from other riders.... brain overload!

Shannon is coming back into form and helped me get away this weekend. I believe it was a Jaman ApprovedTM move - page 192 from the handbook.

*thanks to Jaman for the excellent rolling footage!!!

Most importantly of all I am learning that I love riding.
If it's got wheels and pedals then it is all good. Gears, no gears, dirt, road, fast, slow, long, short - just get out there .... for the love of the bike!

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Anonymous said...


You are making damn fine inroads on road...or inroads in road....either way your ON and IN!

Never been more excited and ready to rail it this year with Uni she-beasts.....

But for me, you said it....'if it's got wheels and pedals then its all good'......

It's all good!